Obama Meeting Mystery Solved

ABC News' Martha Raddatz & Richard Coolidge Report: Whom did President-Elect Barack Obama meet with at National Airport on Nov. 10th in secret?

None other than current and future Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. That revelation came during a media roundtable today held by Sec. Gates.

"We did meet the day he came to Washington to meet with the President. We met when he went back to the airport," said Gates.

After President Bush met with President-Elect Obama at the White House and gave him a tour, Obama returned in his motorcade to Washington's Ronald Reagan National Airport, but instead of boarding his plane directly, he went to Fire Station 301.

"We actually met in the fire station at National Airport. And they pulled the trucks out so that our cars could go in."

Outside, there were numerous Secret Service agents, and when Obama returned about an hour later and boarded his American Airlines jet bound for Chicago, whoever had been meeting with him slipped out a back gate.

Now we know -- it was Gates.

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