Obama Learns the Ropes, or At Least the Doors

ABC News' Ann Compton Reports: The usually efficient Obama press team was quick to release landmark photographs of #44 during his first historic moments in the Oval Office, but most of them are new to the West Wing, and perhaps the warren of white painted doors got them a bit confused.

The picture released as "President Obama prepares to walk into the Oval Office" shows the leader of the Free World poised outside the broad automated sliding door to -- horrors! -- the press area! Note the tell-tale brass protective strips on either side where cameramen and photographers clamor through with their gear.

But the second shot, actually shows Obama entering the correct door.

He is shown at his Oval Office desk, getting his first day briefing from Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who worked in the West Wing for years during the Clinton administration.

There was one other glitch as well. One of the first press releases proudly reveals the President spent ten minutes alone in the office when he first arrived, to read the private message traditionally left by the departing President.  The release notes the missive "was in an envelope marked "To: #44, From: #43"."

But a photograph released by former President Bush shows a post-in note on the envelop reading simply, "44."   

But these are small hiccups as the new crew learns its way around. 

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