Obama DOD Budget is $534 billion; War Supplement is $75.5 Billion

ABC News' Luis Martinez reports: A Defense official confirms that the "topline" budget number for the Pentagon to be released tomorrow by the Office of Management and Budget will be about $534 billion. The full budget details will be provided in April. Last year, Congress appropriated $513 billion for the Defense Department's budget.

The Obama administration has expressed a desire to go away from the Bush administration's use of supplemental emergency bills to pay for the ongoing costs of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Despite that, there will be two additional war supplemental requests released by the OMB tomorrow.  One of them will be to contine funding the costs of the wars for the second half of fiscal year 2009, Congress had already appropriated $65.9 billion for the first half of fiscal year 2009. The Defense official confirms that the second half of the fiscal year 2009 request will be for $75.5 billion.  That would bring the total war spending costs for fiscal year 2009 to $141.4 billion.

In a letter to Congress on Dec. 31, Defense Secretary Robert Gates estimated that this request might be $69.7 billion. That estimate did not take into account the addition of troops into Afghanistan. Last week, President Obama announced he would send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan to boost the current force of 38,000 troops currently in Afghanistan.

The official confirms that OMB will also requst another supplemental bill to fund the ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for fiscal year 2010 which begins on October 1. That proposed request will be for $130 billion.

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