Ice Terror

Marie Justeen Mancha is a 17 year old student who attends Tattnall County High school in Reidsville, Georgia.  She was born in the United States.  Her mother was born in the U.S.  In fact her entire family was born here.  They are what she proudly calls, Mexican Americans.  But that did not protect her from a terror filled morning in September of 2006.She was home alone getting ready for school.  Suddenly, she heard male voices coming from inside her house.  "I was so scared. I had no idea what was going on,"  she says.  She heard the words, "POLICE! ILLEGALS!"  She walked around the corner and saw a tall man reach for his gun and the saw law enforcement agents in her living room blocking the front door."MY HEART JUST DROPPED.  I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN...They began to ask me questions.  I STARTED TO FEEL CLOSED IN, LIKE I COULDN'T SAY NO OR NOT ANSWER THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE BLOCKING THE FRONT DOOR."  The agents asked her if she was alone, if her mother was a Mexican and if she had her green card.  "at times I didn't want to be Mexican BECAUSE OF WHAT WE GO THROUGH and HOW PEOPLE LOOK AT US DIFFERENT and TREAT us and ASSUME WE'RE ALL ILLEGAL."Eventually the agents had enough and left "telling each other that THEY SHOULD GO DOWN to the GAS STATION BECAUSE THEY'D FIND A LOT OF MEXICANS THERE."Today ROGER CLEMENS, who has virtually moved in on capitol hill, defends himself from charges he took steroids during an open hearing chaired by Henry Waxman.  Over on the senate side, Arlen Specter who is fresh from a victory protecting phone companies from being sued by individuals for spying, will meet with NFL COMMISSIONER GOODELL, who the good senator demanded come see him to discuss allegations of spying in the NFL.  While these sideshows command the news coverage,  a 17 year old girl will tell congress, "I WAS SO SCARED.  I STILL AM.  I CARRY THAT FEAR WITH ME EVERYDAY---WONDERING WHEN THEY WILL COME BACK."The 2pm hearing entitled, "problems with ICE interrogation, Detention, and removal procedures" takes place in Rep. Zoe Lofgren's house judiciary immigration subcommittee.

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