"I Have Broken The Cycle Of Obesity..."

Jonathan Miller didn't lose 137 pounds by going to some fast food restaurant and ordering a foot-long sandwich with nothing on it. Jonathan Miller shrunk his 387-pound frame with the help of a SCHOOL-BASED nutrition and physical activity program and this afternoon he will tell his story at a Senate hearing chaired by Connecticut Democrat Christopher Dodd. The topic is CHILDHOOD OBESITY.Miller says two years ago, he was a quiet, high school student who had to sit in the back of the room on a bench in one of his classes because he was too big to fit in the chair at his desk. "I was living in a cycle I did not know how to break," he says in his prepared testimony.Then, on a dare with a friend, he joined a nutrition and physical activity program offered by his high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Just getting started was a challenge. He couldn't weigh in because the scale only went up to 350 pounds. "I was shocked, surprised and scared." But soon Jonathan started exercising twice a week with his group at school and he says the next thing he knew, he was taking yoga classes. He began switching from soda to water and started bringing his lunch to school so he could control the portions of food. He credits school counseling with teaching him the merits of "SMALL CHANGES." "I used to believe in order to lose weight, one would have to take extreme measures...extreme dieting...pills and things of that nature." Instead the program taught him to take it slow.Miller, who is now a college student, says he is very concerned about what's going to happen to his generation if the obesity problem is not addressed. And he says he's not sure he would have lost 137 pounds without having a program offered in the "SAME PLACE WHERE I SPENT THE MAJORITY OF MY TIME -- AT SCHOOL."Jonathan Miller is a success story and he has the before and after pictures to prove it!

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