Could his Be the Final Century of Our Civilization?


It is an idea that most of us would rather not face -- that within the next century, life as we know it could come to an end. Our civilization could crumble, leaving only traces of modern human existence behind. It seems outlandish, extreme, and even impossible. But according to cutting edge scientific research, it is a real possibility -- unless we make drastic changes now.

“If we continue on the business as usual trajectory, there will be a tipping point that we cannot avert,” says John Holdren, science advisor to President Obama. “We will indeed drive the car over the cliff.”

Experts say over the next hundred years the “perfect storm” of population growth, resource depletion and climate change could converge with catastrophic results. ABC News’ “Earth 2100,” hosted by Bob Woodruff, takes viewers on a virtual journey through the next century to find out what may lie ahead and what might be done to avoid disaster. The two-hour special airs on Tuesday, June 2 (9:00-11:00 p.m.) on the ABC Television Network.

Based on the predictions of world-renowned scientists, the special shows a world that could be horrific: a devastating famine leading to massacre in San Diego; unprecedented drought in Las Vegas – as well as inspiring: the citizens of Greensburg, Kansas harness the force of wind and rain in order to rebuild their city; New York City runs its buildings with solar power and its vehicles on emissions-free electricity.

But it is not too late to change course if we start taking steps now, New York Times Foreign Affairs Columnist Thomas Friedman tells Woodruff. “We will be able to create a world that will be a livable planet for our kids and their kids. That is our opportunity. That is our obligation,” he says.

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