ABC News Reports "A Cry for Help: Disaster in the Desert"

ABC News is the First American Television Network to Report from the Crisis Zone in Somalia With tens of thousands of people fleeing drought and famine in Somalia in search of food and water in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, ABC News reports “ A Cry for Help: Disaster in the Desert” across all broadcast and platforms. It is the worst drought the region has seen in nearly 60 years, and already it has left millions of people in desperate and dire straits. ABC News’ Lama Hasan is covering this horrifying story of human suffering from the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. Hasan is the first reporter from an American television network to report on the crisis. “ABC World News” weekend anchor David Muir will travel to the region next week. ABC News first reported on the conditions in Somalia on “World News with David Muir” and “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17. Lama Hasan has filed several reports for ABC News coverage to date below:

  • “World News with David Muir” -- Children Reaching Refugee Camps on the Brink of Death ( 7/16/11 - WATCH)
  • -- Somalia Drought 'One of the Largest Humanitarian Crises in Decades' ( 7/16/11- READ)
  • “This Week with Christian Amanpour” -- Disaster in the Desert ( 7/17/11 - WATCH)
  • “World News with David Muir” -- Mothers and Children Trying to Escape the Drought ( 7/17/11 - READ)
  • -- First UN Emergency Airlift Arrives in Nairobi with Aid for Somali Refugees ( 7/17/11- WATCH)

Viewers can find out how they can help the refugees in Somalia by visiting or

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