The Creation Museum

If you're passing through the Cincinnati area, and are so inclined, the new Creation Museum opens Monday, down the road in Petersburg, Kentucky.  "Prepare to Believe," says the logo on its WEBSITE.

"This center will equip Christians to better evangelize the lost with a sense of urgency, through a combination of exhibits, research and educational presentations that uphold the inerrancy of the Bible."

The museum sets up a classic clash between the worlds of faith and science.  You can read our story on it HERE.

A backgrounder from the museum says, "The highly visual experience demonstrates that facts cannot speak for themselves because creation researchers and evolutionists study the same sets of evidence, including fossils, animals, stars, etc. before making an interpretation.  Visitors learn that astronomy, geology, physics, biology and anthropology verify scriptural authority when one objectively studies the data."  (The full text is HERE.)

The American Association for the Advancement of Science says it's concerned.  It's put out an op-ed piece from its CEO, Alan Leshner, arguing that science and religion need not conflict, but also may do a disservice when they try.

"If students are to thrive in our science and technology-based world, they can’t pick and choose which scientific facts they want to accept," he writes.

"In a free country, private facilities have a right to interpret Genesis or any other way of looking at the world, in any way they choose. But religious displays should not be mislabeled as science."

The AAAS, which publishes the journal SCIENCE, has more HERE

It's a complicated matter.  Or, depending on your point of view, a very simple one.  I'm fascinated by the comments people have been posting in reponse to our story.  Here's to a peaceful weekend.

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