Evolution: the Pushback

The National Academy of Sciences has had its say on evolution.  The Discovery Institute, which promotes the idea of intelligent design, replies that the academy "manages to celebrate evolution as an unassailable truth, completely misrepresent intelligent design, and rehash the same standard Darwinist arguments which have been refuted by critical scientists time and again."

You'll recall (see yesterday's POST and some fascinating comments if you missed them) the Academy released a book yesterday in which it argued that "scientists treat the occurrence of evolution as one of the most securely established of scientific facts."  And while it said evolution and religion need not be at odds, it said teaching "nonscientific alternatives in public schools compromises science education."

The Discovery Institute replies that the report is "long on assertion, short on evidence."  Its statement can be found HERE.

"Instead of treating evolutionary theory as an area open to further scientific inquiry, the NAS report canonizes evolution as perfect and immutable, 'so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter it.'”

The institute offers a download for teachers: "The Theory of Intelligent Design: A Briefing Packet for Educators."  Find it HERE.

"Teach the controversy," it says.  Of that, there is plenty.

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