Evolution: Now Showing at a Theater Near You

The Ben Stein anti-Darwinist film, "Expelled," opens today in 1,100 Theaters.  We've posted before on it (look back HERE and HERE), so we thought we'd give you a sampling of what others have to say so far:

Ronald Bailey at REASON Magazine has a headline: "Flunk This Movie! Ben Stein's new anti-science movie Expelled is all worldview and no evidence."

He writes that "despite its topic, the film is entirely free of scientific content -- no scientific evidence against biological evolution and none for "intelligent design" (ID) theory is given. Which makes sense because biological evolution is amply supported by evidence from the fossil record, molecular biology, and morphology."

Matt Barber, writing at TOWNHALL.COM: "If you're already a person of faith, prepare to have your faith strengthened. And even if you're not, you can't possibly walk away without at least admitting that the debate over who we are and how we got here is far from over."

Jeffrey Kluger of TIME (who covers science, not film), says Stein "quickly wades into waters far too deep for him. He makes all the usual mistakes nonscientists make whenever they try to take down evolution, asking, for example, how something as complex as a living cell could have possibly arisen whole from the earth's primordial soup. The answer is it couldn't -- and it didn't. Organic chemicals needed eons of stirring and slow cooking before they could produce compounds that could begin to lead to a living thing. More dishonestly, Stein employs the common dodge of enumerating all the admittedly unanswered questions in evolutionary theory and using this to refute the whole idea. But all scientific knowledge is built this way. A fishnet is made up of a lot more holes than strings, but you can't therefore argue that the net doesn't exist. Just ask the fish."

John Rennie, Editor in Chief of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, has posted an extensive package on the film.  In his own review he writes, "Unfortunately, Expelled is a movie not quite harmless enough to be ignored. Shrugging off most of the film's attacks -- all recycled from previous pro-ID works -- would be easy, but its heavy-handed linkage of modern biology to the Holocaust demands a response for the sake of simple human decency."

Greg Stier, head of Dare 2 Share Ministries in Colorado, writing in the CHRISTIAN POST: "It was a funny, thought provoking, dangerous, serious, engaging (and did I mention “funny”?) documentary. I have been a fan of Ben Stein since his “Bueller, Bueller” days, but now he is a rock star to me. He was so tongue-in-cheek that he almost bit it off."

Sean P. Means of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE complains he was not able to see the film in advance: "To keep a movie away from critics is usually a sign that things are really, really bad."

He concludes, "I can't help but be struck by the irony of Stein's own words in the movie's introduction (which is also on YouTube):

"'In my experience, people who are confident in their ideas are not afraid of criticism. So that tells me the Darwinists are afraid. They're hiding something.'

"What, pray tell, are Stein and the "Expelled" producers hiding? And what are they afraid of?"

And this from Charles Colson, who, like Stein, worked in the Nixon Administration, and later founded Prison Fellowship Ministries: "I urge you to go see Expelled when it opens at a theater near you. Believe me, in this case the truth really is stranger -- and more compelling -- than any fiction the film’s detractors could possibly dream up."

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