Is God Obsolete?

Often the best part, for me, of writing this page is reading your comments.  After thirteen hundred on natural selection and intelligent design (after the release of Ben Stein's "Expelled"), we're actually crashing that page on some computers.

So let's pick up the conversation here, if you'd like to continue.  And to add some new material, let me offer the following from the John Templeton Foundation: a debate titled  "Does science make belief in God obsolete?"  

"Absolutely not!" writes physicist William D. Phillips.

"No, but it should," writes Christopher Hitchens, author of "God is not Great."

The foundation assembled a diverse group of thinkers for its "conversation," and their answers to the question are both reasoned and passionate.

Click HERE to take a look at their essays.  The foundation took out full-page newspaper ads in Sunday papers to publicize its debate.  Sir John Templeton, who made his fortune in mutual funds, makes it clear that his personal faith is strong, writing that he hopes his foundation will support the work of those who might deepen our "knowledge and love of God." 

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