'24' TV Movie Slated for Fall

Yearning for a bit of Jack Bauer? Counting down the hours 'til a new day of "24" dawns?

Good news: "24" fans won't have to wait as long as originally thought for a fix of the hit show.

The producers of the Emmy-winning drama are developing a two-hour "prequel" movie to the upcoming seventh season, slated to air on Fox this fall, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie will bridge the two-year gap between seasons six and seven and look forward to the show's January 2009, 24-episode return. Wednesday, the show's producers began corralling the show's core cast members for the movie.

The real-time serialized drama was one of the biggest casualties of the three-month-long Hollywood writers strike. Though it had eight new episodes produced before the strike began, Fox decided not to air a partial season of "24" this year and initially said the show wouldn't return to TV until 2009.

Filming of season seven's remaining episodes is slated to begin next month. The upcoming season will feature the show's first female president, Allison Taylor, played by Cherry Jones. It will also mark the return of former main character Tony Almeida, Bauer's trusted CTU co-worker, despite his apparent death in season five. Sheila Marikar

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