Blood-Curdling Violence and Bees, Now on Video

This week's biggest releases couldn't be more different: The Coen brothers' blood-curdling ode to violence and Jerry Seinfeld's family-friendly talking bees movie.

The Coen brothers' latest, "No Country for Old Men," could be one of their best. The academy apparently thinks so, having awarded Joel and Ethan Coen four Oscars for the picture, including the Best Picture statuette. Coming out on DVD and BluRay, extras include featurettes about working with the quirky Coens, and a diary of a county sheriff. Get the disc and watch it a few times. Maybe repeat viewings will help explain that Tommy Lee Jones scene near the end.

"Bee Movie," the ubiquitously advertised Jerry Seinfeld film, is landing on the small screen too. Available on DVD and HD-DVD, the release is packed with extras, including "The Buzz About Bees" and "Inside the Hive: The Cast of Bee Movie." There's also a two-disc release with Seinfeld's commentary, alternate endings and even more featurettes with bee puns for titles.

Jonathan Ages

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