Make Amends With 'Atonement,' Relive 'I Am Legend'

This week's home video releases involve a box office blip and a box office blockbuster.

If you're anything like the average American moviegoer, in December you skipped "Atonement" and bought tickets for "The Golden Compass." Well, now's your chance to make amends and see the seven-time Oscar-nominated picture that stars James McAvoy and Keira Knightley as young lovers ripped apart by a lie. The DVD and HD-DVD include featurettes about adapting the novel and bringing the past to life. Get "Atonement" and seek forgiveness for your prior movie-watching sins.

Speaking of sins, "I Am Legend" features Will Smith as the last man on Earth (again!) in an apocalypse movie set in Manhattan (again!). Available in all major formats, the video comes in a two-disc edition that includes the original theatrical release and an alternate version with a different ending. The disc does not include an option of saviors, though. So you're stuck with the Fresh Prince.

Jonathan Ages

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