Anne Heche Is in Dire Straits

Money apparently doesn't grow on trees for former "Men in Trees" star Anne Heche.

The actress, 38, says she can no longer afford to pay nearly $15,000 a month in child and spousal support because the cancellation of her ABC show has left her unemployed.

"I am continuing to look for work, but I have no offers pending and the impending strike by the Screen Actors Guild reduces my prospects for work even further," Heche wrote in court papers, according to People magazine.

On Wednesday, a judge gave Heche a temporary break, saying she didn't have to pay her July support payment to ex-husband Coley Laffoon, 34. In June, a judge gave Heche and Laffoon joint custody of their 6-year-old son, Homer, and ordered her to pay Laffoon $14,798 a month.

In a court declaration, Heche said without work, she can't afford to pay that sum along with private school tuition for Homer, the mortgage on her house in Canada where "Men in Trees" filmed, rent on her Los Angeles home and car expenses.

Laffoon filed for divorce from Heche in February 2007 after more than five years of marriage. The freelance videographer and stay-at-home dad originally wanted $45,000 a month from Heche, according to E! News. He alleged that Heche had "poor parenting skills" and exhibited "bizarre and delusional behavior" that made him wary of leaving Homer in her care.

In 2001, Heche went public with her longtime struggle with mental illness in her memoir, "Call Me Crazy." In it, she claimed to have an alter ego that was the daughter of God and half-sibling of Jesus named "Celestia."

Sheila Marikar

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