Sherri Joked About Walters, Not Abortion

Sherri Shepherd stirred up a scandal. Now she’s blaming it on her sense of humor and lack of shame.

In a recent interview with Christian magazine Precious Times, the “View” co-host, a born-again Christian, said she’d like to preach the word of God to Jewish “View” creator Barbara Walters.

“Oh sometimes I say, ‘Lord [evangelists] Juanita Bynum or Joyce Meyer would be so good at this table. They could lay hands on Barbara and get her saved,’” Shepherd told the magazine.

Today, Shepherd sat down at Walters’ table and promptly apologized to the media matriarch.

“It was a joke that I made, it didn’t come off the way I wanted it to,” she said. “I called Barbara in France and she laughed … She didn’t ask me to say this but I do want to say Barbara, if I offended you in any way I apologize, I love you.”

With that faux pas cleared up, Shepherd moved on to the other headline-making quote from her Precious Times interview: That before finding God, she “was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count.”

Shepherd didn’t go back on that quote on “The View,” but she explained, “I suffered from a lot of shame and guilt … I wanted everyone to know that not everyone’s perfect. Some people do it more than once.”

She also said that she met a woman who offered her advice that assuaged some of her guilt.

“She said ‘Sherri, when you get to heaven, all your babies are going to be there to say ‘Hi Mama!,’’” Shepherd said.

“View” moderator Whoppi Goldberg closed the discussion with a call to not judge her co-host.

“As long as you talked to God and you worked it out with God, who are we to say anything else?,” she said.

Sheila Marikar

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