Meg Ryan, Jada Pinkett: Palin? Please

The women of “The Women” are sounding off on the woman no one can stop talking about: Sarah Palin.

Asked her thoughts on the Republican vice presidential candidate, who is anti-abortion and an advocate of abstinence-only education, despite having a pregnant, unwed, 17-year-old daughter, Meg Ryan didn’t hold back her disapproval.

“I was watching her speak at the convention and I was mostly struck by how people of equal intelligence can believe utterly different things,” she said at a press junket promoting her latest movie, “The Women.” “I don’t agree with her policies. I’m a person who’s going to vote for Obama.”

“It’s amazing that a woman has come that far,” she added. “But from what I know about her, her policies are not things I agree with.”

Jada Pinkett Smith, Ryan’s co-star, summed up her stance by showing her love for another woman.

“I’m voting for Michelle,” she said, referring, of course, to Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s wife.

Sheila Marikar

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