Taliban Justice Returns to Afghanistan

For the first time since losing power in December 2001, the Taliban has publicly executed a convicted murderer. Speaking from an undisclosed location, a Taliban spokesman told ABC News that the condemned murderer was executed in the presence of a large number of people in the town of Gizab in the Urozgan province. The prisoner was killed by gunshots fired by a relative of his victim. The heirs of the victim had refused to forgive the man, Badshah Khan, or accept blood-money despite repeated requests from the family of the convicted murderer. "The members of the Shariah court then gave the go-ahead signal to the heirs of Fateh Khan to exercise their Islamic right of Qissas and execute Badshah Khan," the spokesman explained. The spokesman said the execution shows the level of Taliban control in Urozgan. There the Taliban has the power to arrest and try criminals and publicly implement decisions of its Shariah courts.

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