Congressman Ney Does Scotland

The chartered jet to Scotland was $91,000. (Click to see actual document.) Rounds of golf at Gleneagles were $400. The food and the rooms were first class.

But when Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH) officially reported the trip he took with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the total cost of $3,200 was purposely understated, according to a former aide's testimony. (Click on $3,200 to see actual document.)

Former Ney staffer Neil Volz made the allegations during the trial of another public official, David Safavian, who was also on the Abramoff trip.

Volz, who left Ney's staff to work for Abramoff, says that Abramoff and his team helped Ney complete Congressional travel disclosure forms so they "would pass the smell test" if reporters examined them.

A spokesman for Ney, Brian Walsh, denied that Abramoff was involved in filing Ney's travel forms but acknowledged the figures Ney used were provided by Abramoff

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