White Supremacists: We're Not Terrorists

Reeling from the arrest of their leader, members of the country's largest white supremacist group, the National Alliance, vowed today to continue the "battle" for a "White future" in America.

National Alliance leader Shaun Walker remains in custody following his indictment, along with two other members of the group, for violating the rights of two minority men in Utah.

"What was once the most important hate group in America may soon be a memory," says the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mark Potok.

National Alliance members, on their website, say they are raising money to pay for lawyers to defend Walker against charges they say are "a made-up crime, by a cowardly government to destroy a man and the organization he heads."

The case was developed by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force based on incidents that occurred three years ago.

The new National Alliance leaders say, on the website, the case is another government attempt "to snuff out any patriotic momentum on the part of White racialists in the West."

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