NY Moneyman Arrested in Teen Sex Scandal

New York's financier to the billionaires, Jeffrey Epstein, 53, was arrested by Palm Beach County Police this week on the charge of soliciting a prostitute, a third degree felony. The probable cause affidavit for the arrest warrant filed by Palm Beach police, however, alleges some more serious acts. Epstein repeatedly paid young, and some underage girls, to come to his house, massage him and on a few occasions have sex with him, according to the affidavit.

Epstein, an acquaintance of former President Bill Clinton, is well-known for the millions he made investing with Bear Stearns and later on his own. His private residence is an eight-story mansion in Manhattan where he reportedly spent $10 million in renovations. He lent his private 727 jet for Clinton's 2002 trip to Africa and often donates large sums of money to private, scientific research.

According to a Palm Beach County Police probable cause affidavit, for more than two years, an acquaintance of Epstein and his assistant offered him girls as young as 14 to give Epstein massages in his Palm Beach home for between $200 and $350.

According to police, witnesses say that Epstein was naked for the massages and encouraged the girls to remove clothing as they rubbed his chest and back. The affidavit also says that on at least three occasions Epstein had sexual and digital intercourse with his "victims."

On one occasion, he paid an underage girl to engage in sex acts with his friend while he watched, according to the affidavit.

Throughout the encounters, states the affidavit, Epstein told the girls not to tell anyone their real age and to lie if asked.

Police say that a former houseman told them that Epstein received two massages every day while he was at his house in Palm Beach.

At one point, a 23-year-old woman was brought over to provide the massage but, according to a witness cited in the affidavit, Epstein turned her away because he thought she was too old.

Epstein's spokesman said he had no comment.

See Epstein on Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Booking Blotter.

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