New Orleans District Attorney Bristles at Criticism, Walks Out of Interview

New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan bristled at criticism and walked out of an ABC News Nightline interview when told that law enforcement officials were critical of Jordan's handling of his office.

ABC News' Brian Ross interviewed Jordan earlier today as part of a report examining the state of the New Orleans justice system one year after Katrina, to be broadcast on Nightline later tonight.

Since last year's hurricane, there has been growing criticism of Jordan's office by senior people in law enforcement who say, even with the acknowledged problems caused by Katrina, the District Attorney has not efficiently dealt with a huge backlog of cases, estimated at more than 3,000.

Jordan told Ross his questions were "stupid," when Ross asked Jordan to respond to a comment made by U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in an ABC News interview earlier this week.  "You need to have an effective police department, you need to have the courts operating effectively, you need to have a local prosecutor who is doing his job," he said.

Brian Ross: Do you think he's talking about you?

Eddie Jordan: No, because we're doing our job and I have the evidence to support it.

Brian Ross: You don't take this then as a criticism from Washington?

Eddie Jordan: I don't take this as a criticism from Washington because, as I've said before, we are taking care of our responsibility. This is ignorance and stupidity on the part of people who don't know how our system works.

At that point, Jordan's aide stepped in front of the cameras and announced she was ending the interview.

At that point, Jordon protested that Ross' questions were "stupid." 

Brian Ross: They are honest questions, sir.

Eddie Jordan: They're stupid; they're not honest questions.

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