Terrorist Scare at Logan Airport

A terrorist scare aboard a passenger jet bound from London to Washington, D.C., began when a female passenger complained of being claustrophobic, got into an argument with airline flight attendants and was forcibly restrained, Massachusetts police tell ABC News.

The woman, a 47-year-old U.S. citizen and a resident of Vermont wearing a college sweatshirt and acting aggressively, was searched.

She had loose matches, literature in a foreign language that had been downloaded from a computer and printed and a partially open container of petroleum jelly. She did not have a screwdriver,  contrary to previous media reports.

A bottle of water she was carrying was marked with the airline logo and appears it may have been given to her once onboard. Earlier reports suggested she had slipped the bottle as well as the petroleum jelly through security in London. Police now say they are investigating to be certain it was obtained onboard. It remains unclear how the petroleum jelly got onboard.

Upon discovering the material in the woman's possession, United Airlines flight 923 was diverted to Boston's Logan Airport, escorted by fighter planes, and moved to an isolated area where passengers were taken off the plane and bomb sniffing dogs searched it. No explosives have been found. The literature is being translated at this time. It is unclear if it is extremist in nature. It is not clear what language it is in.

The woman had been aggressive prior to the incident and at one point threatened to urinate in a sink.

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