Video Leads Sheriff to Apologize for Attack on Protesters

The Broward County, Florida sheriff's office says it will apologize for its deputies who laughed and celebrated the shooting of unarmed protesters with rubber bullets.

Videos made by police photographers show officers laughing after a woman attorney, dressed in a red business suit, was shot five times with rubber bullets during a November 2003 protest of the Free Trade Summit in Miami.

The woman, Elizabeth Ritter, had arrived for a court appearance and found the Miami Dade courthouse closed for security reasons. She was carrying a hastily made sign that read "Fear Totalitarianism."

A video made by a Miami television station shows her being shot in the leg and the head.

Police videos made later show deputies laughing and cheering about "the woman in the red dress."

A sergeant is seen saying, "I don't know who got her, but it went right through the sign and hit her smack dab in the middle of the head."

The video was made public by the Miami Civilian Investigative Panel which found "demonstrators were profiled, unlawfully searched, detained and/or arrested."

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