NSA Whistle-blower Says He Has Lost His Livelihood

NSA whistle-blower Russell Tice says his choice to reveal what he says were unlawful acts at the National Security Agency while he was working there "has cost me my career and livelihood."

In a letter to Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, Tice asks Duncan to "include real whistleblower protections to national security employees in the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill."

"My case, from beginning to end, is a testament to the utter and complete failure of whistle-blower protections for federal employees that work within the most crucial aspects of national security," Tice writes.


Tice, a former NSA intelligence officer, told ABC News this past January in a Nightline report that he saw unlawful and unconstitutional acts at the NSA while working there.  He said the number of Americans subject to eavesdropping by the NSA could be in the millions if the programs used by the agency were employed to their full capacity.

After the NSA program was made public, the U.S. government launched an investigation into who leaked information about the surveillance program to the media.  Tice has since been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury.  No date has been set for him to testify."The retaliation of the federal government continues against me, but is now being directed by the Department of Justice," Tice writes.In the letter, Tice calls on Chairman Duncan, who sponsored the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill,  to include provisions in the bill that "would logically have to include protecting security clearances from retaliatory revocations."  The 2007 Defense Authorization Bill, also known as the Federal Employee Protection of Disclosures Act, is currently in a committee conference, where differences between the Senate and House versions of the bill are being resolved.Tice lost his job at the NSA in May of 2005 after the agency had revoked his security clearances, citing psychological concerns. Since his dismissal from the NSA, Tice has been working in construction in Washington, D.C.

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