TSA Booty Up for Grabs on eBay

Ever wonder where all the knives and scissors surrendered at airport security checkpoints end up? eBay.

Knives, scissors and other items that were "voluntarily surrendered" at checkpoints in airports throughout the Northeast are being auctioned online by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

The state has raised over $300,000 since it began selling no-fly surplus online in June of 2004.

The bulk of the booty is made up of Swiss army knives and scissors, says Edward Myslewicz, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

Pennsylvania will be auctioning off a "hunting kit" this fall for hunting season in an effort to better market the no-fly surplus.  The kit will be equipped with knives, ropes and flashlights, according to Myslewicz.

At hockey season, they will be assembling a "hockey kit" for sale on the web.  Other items include furry handcuffs, a sausage grinder and a six-foot electric palm tree.

A large amount of the items with gel or liquid in them, which were confiscated from passengers after the London terror scare earlier this month, were disposed of, according to the TSA.

A four-foot-long machete is one of the items that Pennsylvania has not auctioned on eBay, although someone did attempt to bring it onto an aircraft.

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