E-mail Scam: 'Elizabeth Taylor' Needs Your Help

A new scam e-mail in the name of film legend Elizabeth Taylor offers respondents a chance to claim a portion of "9 million Pounds" of her money. 

In the e-mail, "Lizzy Taylor" claims she is currently in a hospital in Hawaii "undergoing treatment for Alzbimer's [sic] disease battling with incurable heart condition, curvature of spine among others" and that doctors "have told me that I only have a few months to live."

"Taylor" says it is her "last wish" to see that nine million pounds of her money is "distributed to victims of the World."


In the e-mail, "Taylor" says she is looking for someone to help distribute the nine million pounds to charity; in return, the respondent can keep 15 percent of the money for "expenses and efforts."

"Taylor" says she needs a reliable partner because when she trusted "relations and friends" in the past, she was "rewarded with deceipt [sic], betrayal, insincerity and wastage."     Fraud experts say that when people respond to these types of e-mails, they are typically asked to pay thousands of dollars in "processing fees" before they can collect on the big payout.  The victims eventually discover the promised riches are a fraud. 

Read the scam e-mail from "Elizabeth Taylor."

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