Republicans on Capitol Hill Knew of Foley's Behavior

As the FBI begins to investigate, and the Republican leaders on Capitol Hill squirm, ABC News has learned new details of former Congressman Mark Foley's X-rated Internet messages -- all sent while he posed as a crusader against Internet porn.

"I'm Mark Foley from Florida's 16th District. I'm co-chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, and I hope today's bill is a pedophile's worst nightmare and a parent's best hope," Foley (R-FL) once said.

But it was Foley himself who appears to have been a parent's worst nightmare.

Using the screen name Maf54, he tried to lure teens who had been congressional pages into sexual conversations and acts, according to copies of messages obtained by ABC News.

Maf54: i like you a lot.Teen: im flatteredMaf54: are youTeen: yes.Maf54: well I was so hapy to be with you in san diegoTeen: ya it was funMaf54: did you want to foll aroundTeen: ok…I really need to get back to studying.

One former page says pages were warned specifically to be careful with Foley five years ago.

"I know people who had been interacting with him like that, so I wasn't surprised. You know it's one of those things you know is going to come out some day," Matthew Loraditch, a page in the 2001-2002 class who is now president of the Page Alumni Association, said.

House Republican leaders were told about possible problems with Foley last year, and now they want an investigation to see how many pages may have been victimized by Foley.

"Parents are going to be wondering what's going on. I mean, this guy has been doing stuff to kids for years, and they're going to be worried about the kids that are in there now and the kids that want to apply," Loraditch says.

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