Congressman "Cool Cash" Jefferson Scores Big at the Polls, Faces Runoff Election

Despite being at the center of a FBI bribery investigation, Congressman William Jefferson (D-La.) won the most votes in the race for his seat in Congress and will now face a runoff election on Dec. 9.

Jefferson won 30 percent of the vote with a total of 27,706 votes, according to the unofficial results posted by the Louisiana Secretary of State.   

Jefferson vowed to run for re-election despite the FBI investigation.


In August of last year, $90,000 of marked FBI cash was found in Jefferson's freezer, money that the FBI says was the first installment of a $500,000 bribe to the vice president of Nigeria to help further a business deal.

Jefferson has not been charged with a crime and has maintained that he is innocent. "I never intended to dishonor my office...and I certainly did not sell my office," Jefferson said in a campaign appearance.

Facing Jefferson in the runoff will be State Rep. Karen Carter (D-La.) who won 22 percent of the vote with a total of 19,972 votes.

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