U.S. Special Forces Engaged in Operations on the Ground in Somalia

U.S. special forces are working with Ethiopian troops on the ground in operations inside Somalia today, senior U.S. and French military sources tell ABC News.

The sources declined to describe details of today's mission but said U.S. special forces, including a significant CIA presence, have been involved in numerous such missions, operating from a large American base camp known as "Camp Le Monier," established in the French protectorate of Djibouti following 9/11.   

There are approximately 3,000 American special forces and U.S. military soldiers based at "Camp Le Monier," which has become a major reconnaissance and staging base in the fight against al Qaeda in the region.

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It is from this base the CIA flies predators over Yemen and Somalia and from which recent air attacks over Somalia were launched.

Alexis Debat is an ABC News consultant.

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