When Dick Cheney Talks, Pakistan Listens

Pakistan intelligence sources say a second high-ranking Taliban leader has been taken into custody, as the country appeared to be responding to Vice President Dick Cheney's showdown meeting with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistani officials told ABC News the new arrest also took place in Quetta, where on Monday, the former Taliban defense minister was arrested just hours after Cheney had left the country.

Pakistani officials identified him as Amir Khan Haqqani, a Taliban commander for Zabul province.

"Isn't it amazing how quickly they were able to find these men?" scoffed one intelligence source familiar with the Cheney meeting.

Pakistani officials say both men were arrested at the same Quetta hotel, Gul Pak Hotel, based on information provided by the United States.

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CIA Deputy Director Stephen R. Kappes accompanied Vice President Cheney to the meeting with Musharraf and reportedly presented "compelling evidence" of the resurgence of Taliban and al Qaeda training camps inside Pakistan.

U.S. officials say Cheney and Kappes also focused on the presence of known Taliban leaders operating in Pakistani cities.

Pakistani intelligence officials say Kappes provided the whereabouts of three Taliban figures in and around Quetta, but the third person "slipped out" before authorities could arrest him.

The failure of Musharraf to go after Taliban leaders has been a sore point with the United States for several years.

One arm of the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, is known to have been close to Taliban leaders before the U.S. invasion in 2001, and U.S. officials say that close relationship has continued.

Defectors taken into custody in Afghanistan have claimed the ISI was protecting top Taliban figures as well as Osama bin Laden.

Pakistan has denied those allegations as "absurd."

ABC News consultant Alexis Debat contributed to this report.

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