"I Want to Clear My Name"

He is Asian, he lived in the dorm where the first shooting occurred and he recently broke up with his girlfriend -- he also happens to have a web blog packed with pictures in which he poses with firearms. On the Internet, Wayne Chiang is as good as convicted.He has received 37,000 hits on his Web site over the past several hours, many containing death threats, he says."Right now pretty much the Internet thinks it is me, Chiang told ABC News. "I am just interested in trying to clear my name."It was five for five. I was Asian, I lived in (the dorm), I go to V Tech, I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I collect guns," Chiang, who initially contacted ABC affiliate KNXV.Three separate federal sources have told ABC News that Chiang is not a suspect or a person of interest in their investigation.A quick browse through his Web site, however, makes the coincidence that has triggered the avalanche of email to his site almost understandable. Chiang posts pictures of his H&K semi-automatic weapons, poses draped in at least a half dozen Russian rifles, and shows himself looking down the sights of another weapon. He also recounts his recent breakup with another Virginia Tech student."I am a federally licensed firearms collector," Chiang said. He said that numerous media organizations had told him he was a person of interest in the investigation but that no authorities had contacted him. Nor had he contacted any authorities. The Chantilly, Va., resident is passionate about his right to bear arms, concealed weapons included. And thinks that carrying them on campus is OK."I am a firm believer that if Virginia tech students were allowed to conceal carry this situation could have ended sooner."

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