Ft. Dix Six Smile, Wave At Hearing

The six men accused in alleged plot to kill US soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey smiled and waved at family members today as they appeared before a federal magistrate in Camden, New Jersey.

Appearing as if he didn't have a care in the world, Shain Duka gave an enthusiastic greeting to members of his family, many of whom had been quietly sobbing as the magistrate, Joel Schneider, ordered him held without bail.

Duka and his two brothers are illegal aliens, according to the government.

Only one of the defendants, Mohamad Shnewer, asked to be released on bail.

His lawyer, Rocco Ciperone,  said Schnewer's family had raised $600,000 to post bail.

The magistrate refused to grant bail after government prosecutors said he presented "a danger" to the community, citing the criminal complaint which detailed his alleged involvement in the plot to kill soldiers.

The men, in green jumpsuits and leg irons,  appeared one by one in front of the magistrate under heavy security.

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