New Information in the Hunt for One of Pakistan's Most Wanted

For the first time since last summer, there is new information in the hunt for Pakistan's most wanted man, Matiur Rehman, a senior al Qaeda leader who is considered by both U.S. and Pakistani intelligence to be one of al Qaeda's most ruthless and sophisticated operatives.

New information gathered by Pakistani law enforcement indicates that Rehman is spending most of his time in Waziristan training and organizing al Qaeda militants. Rehman is also reported to be training al Qaeda operatives for missions abroad.

According to law enforcement sources in Pakistan, Rehman leads an al Qaeda-affiliated terror group that is considered by the Pakistani intelligence community as capable of operations "far more spectacular and sophisticated than 9/11."

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ABC News reported in August that Rehman had been arrested after being shown a police report by authorities in Pakistan. Intelligence sources in the U.K. also believed Rehman was in custody. It turns out Rehman is still on the loose, but there has been a break in the case.

Senior Pakistani law enforcement sources tell ABC News that suspects now in custody have shed a new light on the whereabouts and modus operandi of Rehman.

According to sources, a detainee revealed during his interrogation that he trained last year side by side with "foreigners" in a facility operated by al Qaeda in Azam Warsak, in South Waziristan.

The source added that Rehman's group, known as "Qari Zafar," has so far been held responsible for the bombing of the U.S. consulate in Karachi in March last year and is considered one of al Qaeda's "most elite units." They were also involved in attempts to assassinate President Pervez Musharraf.

The source says Rehman is "personally involved" in training operatives.

Alexis Debat is an ABC News consultant.

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