New Tape, Old Threats From American al Qaeda

The former California teenage surfer turned al Qaeda propaganda chief, Adam Gadahn, repeated his threats to kill Americans on a new tape posted on the Internet Tuesday afternoon.

Video: American al Qaeda Now in Widescreen

Wearing a white turban, beard and glasses, Gadahn issued what he called a set of six "legitimate demands," saying, "We don't negotiate with baby killers and war criminals like you, Bush."

Gadahn, under federal indictment for treason, is the first American to be charged with that crime in half a century. 

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"You and your stupid allies are easy targets," Gadahn said with a smirk on his face. "You are losing on all fronts and losing big time."

Gadahn has emerged as a principal al Qaeda operative since leaving southern California for Pakistan almost 10 years ago.  The tape made public today was the first since Sept. 2 of last year.

The tape was released, for the first time, in a widescreen format, an indication of the technological savvy that Gadahn has brought to al Qaeda's propaganda operation.

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