Iraqi Insurgents Claim to Have Killed Missing Soldiers

An Iraqi insurgent group says it has killed two missing American soldiers who they said had been captured alive. According to a full translation of a ten-minute video released by the group earlier today, the group claims the soldiers would have survived had the U.S. Army  not done the search in such a way that included random arrests and humiliation of Muslims. The speaker in the video also said the bodies of the soldiers will be buried and not turned over to the US Army.

The group Islamic State of Iraq posted the videotape on the Internet today showing what it said were the military ID cards and other personal items of the two U.S. soldiers believed to have been captured last month in Iraq.

Watch the Video With the Missing U.S. Soldiers' IDs

The tape does not include any images of the two soldiers, Byron Fouty, 19, of Waterford Mich., and Alex Jimenez, 25, of Lawrence, Mass. Words in Arabic flashed over the IDs say, "Bush is responsible for capture of your soldiers." 

There were no ransom demands or further details about the status of the two men who have been the subject of a massive search operation by U.S. troops in Iraq. 

In addition to the military IDs, the tape also shows a red-colored Visa credit card, a yellow-colored MasterCard and what appears to be a New York state driver's license. There is also a shot of a small white crucifix, what could be the chains of a dog tag and U.S. currency.

The ten-and-a-half minute video also shows what is purported to be the planning for the attack  outside Baghdad on May 12 when the two men were reportedly captured.

Krista Kjellman contributed to this report.

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