Second Female Journalist Killed in Afghanistan

Two female journalists have been murdered in Afghanistan in less than one week.

Last night, Zakia Zaki, the head of a radio station, was killed in her home. The murder was particularly gruesome as she was shot several times in her head and chest as she slept in the same room with her eight-month and three-year-old sons. The sons both survived the shooting.

According to the Governor of Parwan, where Zaki worked and ran the Peace Radio station, three people entered her home and opened fire.

Zaki had received threats in the past as she was a critic of the Taliban and the former warlords.

No one has claimed responsibility for the murder.

Earlier this week, another female journalist was killed in her home in Kabul. According to the father of the victim, Shokiba Sanga Amaaj, some relatives may have been involved in that incident, and there has been at least one arrest in the case.

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