Armed Children in Iraq Featured in New Propaganda Video

A new propaganda video from the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) features small children with AK-47 assault rifles. The narrator of the video refers to these young boys as the "new generation" of mujahedeen.

In one scene, a small child who appears to be around seven- or eight-years-old is holding an AK-47 and reciting what he says are quotes from the prophet Mohammed. Then a group of small children are seen, each holding an AK-47.

Video: 'New Generation' of Mujahedeen

The narrator is heard over the footage saying, "In conclusion we say to Bush, the Muslim ummah [Muslim community] that you have tried with all your strength to wage war against, is an ummah [community] that will never die. And it has, with the blessings of God, allotted for you a new generation of Mujjahideen."

The video, which was posted online, features the al Furqan logo, the media wing of the ISI. The 20-minute video contains clips of IED explosions and various other scenes that are typical of previously released ISI propaganda videos.

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