New Wave of Video Beheadings Aimed at 'American Slaves'

New propaganda videos show al Qaeda-connected terrorists carrying out the beheadings of captured Pakistani soldiers, labeled "slaves to America."

One edited video, obtained by the Blotter on, shows several teenage boys carrying out the decapitation of a Pakistani soldier with crude knives and then holding the severed, bleeding head with its military beret still in place.


In a brief speech to the camera before the execution, the speaker says the soldier must die because he is a "slave to America."

"These videos are put out by these terrorists off and on to create a feeling of fear and insecurity among civilians," Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad said of the video. "Whenever it's a beheading of a civilian or the military, it's of great concern to all people in the country."

Several hundred Pakistani soldiers are being held in the country's lawless tribal areas after being surrounded by militants.

Military sources in Islamabad report another beheading this week of paramilitary troops from Pakistan's Frontier Corps.   

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