New KBR Rape Allegations

Another female KBR employee has come forward alleging she was brutally raped in Iraq, and that the company attempted to cover it up, the Nation magazine reported yesterday.

Like Jamie Leigh Jones, whose story ABC News reported last December, the woman said she was gang-raped after being slipped a tranquilizer.  Her KBR supervisor told her to keep quiet about the incident, she told the magazine.  When she tried to contact a lawyer in the United States, she said, the company confiscated her computer.

The woman, who said the rape occurred this January, asked  not to be named, the Nation reported.

In a letter to the woman’s lawyer, a KBR attorney said that the firm takes the allegations "very seriously," but that they had "inaccuracies."

"[T]he Company intends to pursue all available remedies should false statements be publicized," KBR lawyer Celia Ballí wrote, according to the Nation.

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