Palin: I Wish I Spoke With More Reporters

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: The conservative magazine Human Events has an interesting interview with Gov. Sarah Palin -- one that has particular resonance with some suggesting that Caroline Kennedy is being “Palin-ized” by her handlers.

Palin, R-Alaska, tells Human Events’ John Gizzi that the “biggest mistake” she made was not granting more interviews earlier in her vice-presidential candidacy -- and she blames the McCain team’s handlers for holding her back.

“The biggest mistake made was that I could have called more shots on this: the opportunities that were not seized to speak to more Americans via media. I was not allowed to do very many interviews, and the interviews that I did were not necessarily those I would have chosen. But I was so thankful to have the opportunity to run with John McCain that I was not going to argue with the strategy decisions that some of his people were making regarding the media contacts,” Palin said.

“But if I would have been in charge, I would have wanted to speak to more reporters because that’s how you get your message out to the electorate.”

She continues: “I was in a campaign in which I did not know the people individually running the campaign. So I had to put my life, my career, my family, and my reputation in their hands. That’s kind of a scary thing to do when you don’t know the people you are working with.

“Now I have all the faith in the world in Sen. McCain and his family. But some of the folks around him I did not know, and so it was a kind of a risky thing for me to put my faith in the decisions they were making on my behalf.”

On Sunday, Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y., asserted that Caroline Kennedy’s handlers have “basically Sarah Palin-ized her, if I could coin a phrase.”

“They’re answering questions that you have to submit in writing. She’s not talking to reporters as she makes this grand tour. They’re, kind of, building a mystique and an industry around her, when we need somebody to fight,” Ackerman said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

After an initial appearance before reporters in Syracuse where she refused to answer any questions, Kennedy has answered off-the-cuff questions at a few informal media availabilities.

But she hasn’t granted any formal interviews. The only glimpse of her policy positions have come in response to written questions, from The New York Times and Politico.

And Monday we learned that she won’t be filling out the financial disclosure forms that are standard for Senate candidates -- unless, of course, she’s appointed to the post first.

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