Surprise! Obama is Time 'Person of the Year'

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: From the Department of Shocking Developments -- President-elect Barack Obama has been named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

The magazine offers a glowing take and an extended interview, under the headline, “Why History Can’t Wait.” 

In an interview with the magazine, Obama talks about the extent to which he has a mandate: “Well, I think we won a decisive victory. Forty-seven percent of the American people still voted for John McCain. And so I don't think that Americans want hubris from their next President. I do think we received a strong mandate for change. . . .  It means a government that is not ideologically driven. It means a government that is competent. It means a government, most importantly, that is focused day in, day out on the needs and struggles, the hopes and dreams, of ordinary people. And I think there is a strong mandate for Washington as a whole to be responsive to ordinary Americans in a way that it has not been for quite some time.”

And never-before seen pictures of Obama’s college years are worth the click.

In this politics-heavy year, the runners-up have a political tinge, too: They are Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Gov. Sarah Palin, and Chinese film director Zhang Yimou.

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