Bush White House Press Gives Final Goodnight

ABC News' Jon Garcia Reports: The sun rose this morning on day 2,921 of the Bush administration, the last full day of the Bush administration.

It happens to be Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday, so the streets were eerily quiet. Inside the White House it's just as quiet. A handful of staffers remain and they're boxing up their personal belongings. The walls, normally covered with large pictures of the president, first family, staff and even the press, called "jumbos," are now bare.

The staff was given the option to buy the jumbos they liked or the ones which hung in their respective offices, each which runs about $100.

Between taking phone calls, Press Secretary Dana Perino found time to turn in her West Wing parking pass and IDs.  In the lower press office, just off the White House briefing room, a huge orange storage box sits open, half filled with office supplies, stationary, envelops and magazines. It's slowly filling up.

Deputy press secretaries Scott Stanzel and Gordon Johndroe filled their own boxes with personal mementos and souvenirs. The duo walked through the briefing room to say goodbye to the handful of journalists who remain. They shook hands and there were some hugs. Johndroe, who was a bag handler and press wrangler for the Bush campaign in 2000, is the iron man of the administration.  After eight years in the White House, he will fly back to Texas with the former president tomorrow before heading on vacation. 

The place looks clean, no trash on the floor and the computer keyboards appear to be intact. (Remember the missing "W" keys from eight years ago?) It looks like everything will be ready for a whole new staff, who will move in sometime around noon on Tuesday.

And at 5:50pm the overhead speaker chirped with the voice of the lone remaining press aide, Stuart Siciliano: "For the final time in the Bush administration, we have a paper lid. Goodnight everybody."

Pictured above is press aide Stuart Siciliano.

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