McCain Working on Alternative Stimulus Plan

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: According to a Reuters report out this afternoon, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is working with his fellow GOP senators to develop an alternative to President Obama’s stimulus package.

“A group of us Republican senators are working on coming up with an alternative package that I would hope would have some elements to it that Americans would support,” McCain tells Reuters’ Steve Holland.

“One, we have to have an alternative and two, we still hope that the administration -- although time is running out -- that the administration will sit down and do some serious negotiating, which they have not done,” he said.

This is not a shock. House Republicans also came up with an alternative proposal, before voting unanimously against the Democrats’ proposal on Wednesday.

But McCain’s involvement in crafting the package is going to make this effort far more high-profile than it would otherwise be. And to a president who has vowed bipartisanship, this is a direct challenge to come to the negotiating table -- issued by a former rival.

Said McCain: “I have to tell you I'm disappointed so far in the administration's lack of consultation or efforts to work with Republicans on the stimulus package.”

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