Obama Dubs Himself a 'Pragmatic Progressive'

ABC News' Teddy Davis Reports:

Ever wondered how Barack Obama sums up his philosophy?

"Pragmatic progressive".

That's how the president-elect dubbed his philosophy on Thursday while introducing Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as his pick to head the Democratic National Committee.

"Tim and I share a philosophy," said Obama. "It's a pragmatic progressive philosophy that was at the heart of my campaign and will be at the heart of this administration."

The alliterative phrase, which he has not used widely before, is a catchy shorthand for two themes he has long emphasized.

It encapsulates both the way in which Obama has presented himself as someone who can "disagree without being disagreeable" while, at the same time, reminding voters that there is an underlying progressive content to his politics that was most clearly on display when he opposed the Iraq War before it began.

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