Buffett Slams 'Card-Check'

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The Oracle of Omaha has stepped into the year’s hottest battle between big business and big labor.

On CNBC Monday, Warren Buffett weighed in sharply against the Employee Free Choice Act, union leaders’ top priority for the year.

“I think the secret ballot’s pretty important in the country. You know, I’m against card check, to make a perfectly flat statement,” Buffett said.

The statement is being actively circulated by opponents of the “card-check” bill, which would make it far easier for employees to form unions.

Buffett, who has had a close working relationship with President Obama and his team: is echoing the most prevalent argument used by the legislation’s opponents: that workers have a right to decide whether to form a union through secret ballot.

As we’ve covered previously, it’s not at all clear that supporters have adequate votes to pass the bill, which died in a Senate filibuster two years ago. And it’s also not yet clear that President Obama -- who supports the bill -- wants to burn political capital getting it through the Senate.

Politico’s Ben Smith has an interesting piece up today about how EFCA is creating jobs already -- for Republican operatives.

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