Limbaugh Predicts "Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill"

ABC News' David Chalian reports:

Democrats are eager to keep banging the Rush Limbaugh drum.  And today they are seizing on the comments Rush Limbaugh made on his radio show about President Obama's health care plan, which Limbaugh predicted would be called the "Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill" by the time it's over.

On his radio show, Limbaugh was criticizing President Obama for not keeping his banking plan front and center and keeping the public focus on that critical problem because, Limbaugh assumes, it would be unpopular to do so.  Mr. Limbaugh said that President Obama has now pushed health care reform to center stage because it is "highly visible, news leading, gets a great focus, plus it has the great liberal lion Teddy Kennedy pushing it.  Before it's all over, it will be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill."

The Limbaugh comments echo the inartful comments made by Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) about Ruth Bader Ginsburg having nine months left to live.  Sen. Bunning apologized for those comments and Justice Ginsburg needled him about them today in an interview with USA Today.

The executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Limbaugh's comments about Sen. Kennedy "truly outrageous."  "“Leader Limbaugh crossed the line.  National Republicans must stand up to their leader, Rush Limbaugh, and tell him that enough is enough,” said Brian Wolff.

This comes after a week of Limbaugh- based fundraising and grassroots appeals from the DNC and the Democratic campaign committees on the Hill.  Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, a gubernatorial candidate in Virginia this year, has also used the Limbaugh controversy to push his potential Republican opponent to distance himself from Limbaugh.

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