Carmakers Show Off Experimental Cars In Advance of Earth Day

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports: Chrysler and GM are both working to stay off the chopping block.  A special government auditor told lawmakers Tuesday that Chrysler and GM will need more loans to stay afloat as they race to create viable restructuring plans before government-imposed deadlines later this Spring.

While the future of both companies remains very much up in the air, across the Capitol building, representatives from the car companies were acting as if they'll be in business beyond well beyond this Spring.

Chrysler and GM representatives were present on Capitol Hill Tuesday, along with other car companies.  The automakers were showing off their futuristic experimental vehicles as part of an Earth Day exposition.

ABC News talked to Donald Lewis, a 78-year-old former businessman who is also a test consumer for GM's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. He is, if nothing else, a firm believer in hydrogen as a fuel source even though his hydrogen-powered Equinox will not be available to general consumers for a good long while.

The cars will drive down the street for a similar demonstration at the White House on Wednesday.

The question: Will GM be in business for the technology in Donald Lewis' Equinox ever to make it to consumers?

See Lewis' sales pitch HERE.

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