Gingrich Blasts Obama 'Fantasy' Foreign Policy

ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports:

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., called the Obama administration's foreign policy "fantasy" and said the U.S. must take aggressive action against North Korea in order to avoid another disaster like 9/11.

"We do not appreciate the scale of threat that is evolving on the planet, and North Korea is a totally irresponsible dictatorship run by a person who is clearly out of touch with reality," Gingrich said.

Following North Korea's claim to have launched a satellite into orbit this weekend, the United Nations Security Council will convene an emergency meeting on Sunday to decide an appropriate response. Although the Obama administration has condemned North Korea's actions, Gingrich said he hopes the world will respond in a manner that reflects the severity of the situation.

"I think to say, you know, we're now going to have another meeting at the UN to have another paper resolution that has meaningless effect is very dangerous," he said. He continued, "We have been talking about this since the Clinton administration, and they have been building nuclear weapons and building better and better missiles while we keep talking. And one morning, just like 9/11, there's going to be a disaster, and people are going to look around and say, 'Gosh, why didn't anyone think of that?' Well, I'm telling you the time to think about it's before the disaster, not afterwards."

Gingrich, widely considered a potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, blasted the Obama administration's overall diplomatic efforts.

"The president's in a world where Hamas is firing missiles every day into Israel, Iran is building nuclear weapons, and the North Koreans today during -- basically during his speech fired a missile, and he has some wonderful fantasy idea that we're going to have a great meeting next year. With who? I mean, who's coming to this meeting? The Pakistanis? The Indians? The Chinese? The Russians? And what are they going to promise? And why would you believe them? I just think that it's very dangerous to have a fantasy foreign policy, and it can get you in enormous trouble." he said.

Gingrich also slammed the administration's informal push to end use of the term "war on terror."

"We don't have a war on terror anymore. We don't have terrorist attacks anymore. So now homeland security has manmade disasters? I'm somehow not comfortable with the thought that 9/11 was a manmade disaster but not a terrorist attack, and I'm not comfortable with words instead of serious systematic policies."

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