Swine Flu Skeptic: The Sky Is Not Falling

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports: In Texas, state officials have shut down all high school sporting events.  In Washington, Vice President Biden says he's advised family members not to fly in airplanes.  But at least one member of Congress has a different message on the swine flu: Don't worry about it.

Congressman Ron Paul, R-Tex., is a committed libertarian who is skeptical of government action of any kind.  He is also one of the few medical doctors in Congress and he may have a point.  Maybe, just maybe, swine flu fears have been blown out of proportion.

As ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reported earlier this week, Dr. Paul was a freshman Congressman in 1976, during the last swine flu panic.  He says he was one of just two members of the House who voted against the emergency swine flu vaccination program ordered by President Ford.  An extreme position?  Not really.  Only one person died from the swine flu then, but at least 25 people died because of the vaccine.

We caught up with Dr. Paul in his Congressional office and talked about this latest swine flu scare.  Listen carefully: He might be as correct on this one as he was in 1976.

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